Under Cuba’s Hood: What Cubans Say About Their Old American Cars

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Shapiro, Michael
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Ecoval Ediciones
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A writer whom we first knew for his wonderful work in helping make Spanish language books available up in these parts with Libros Sin Fronteras, who has for many years now been based in both Traslasierra, Cordoba, Argentina and Seattle, Michael Shapiro visits with a bilingual book he’s written that says even more than its English language title, Under Cuba’s Hood: What Cubans Say About Their Old American Cars (Ecoval Ediciones), says. A lot is in this book, also known as Cuba bajo el capo, which features striking photographs by Cuban photographer Juan Carlos Alóm. “These pages invite us to imagine, by coincidence, on some Cuban road, the good-natured peasant in the Chevrolet Bel Air, the wise guy in the Cadillac Eldorado, the conversationalist in the Ford Fairlane 500, the hapless owner of the Studebaker Commander, the joker in the Buick Special... All enlivened by their passion for the mechanical, the pride of owning a car, and especially, the love of the movement that Michael Shapiro has condensed for us here, "field work" which might well give rise to sociological inquiries that go far beyond cars.” - Juan Nicolás Padrón.