Ross Gay for Pongo Poetry Project

Pongo Poetry Project, a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to helping youth heal and find voice through poetry, welcomes the inimitable Ross Gay, poet, poetic spirit, and essayist, to their virtual Speaking Volumes Fundraiser. Ross Gay is the author of three books of poetry, including the National Book Critics Circle and Kingsley Tufts Award-winning collection, Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude. Then he made people take even more notice with his perennial bestselling essay collection, The Book of Delights, and now his newest essay collection, Inciting Joy (Algonquin).  

“This is instantly one of my favorite books ever. A wondering-aloud to which I will be returning often, and a brilliant manifesto making a case for joy as a thing which is as complex and rigorous as it is lovely and free. In that sneaky way Ross Gay has of lovingly disarming you before getting you to dwell in rooms of your heart you’d left vacant, Inciting Joy uses its titular emotion as a window into sorrow and rage, into gifts and loss, into the tricky business of being alive.”―Eve L. Ewing. 

Ross Gay's work throws off so much light, I've often wondered if it was powered by a superior energy source. He has done something new and beautiful with Inciting Joy. He has sunk a bioluminescent depth-charge into our time, one which peers into the whole sea of experience around us: revealing it full of connection, mystery and a longing for relief.”―John Freeman.

This is Ross Gay on Pongo: “What I think of as the political vision of The Book of Delights — the ethical vision — is this process of articulating and discovering how best we can de-alienate ourselves from one another. And that is also what my teaching life hopes to be: how do you make aspace that supports everyone, allows everyone to be themselves as much as possible — in a sort of joyful way — that also can hold what is painful, difficult, and often brutal. That’s the space that I’m trying to make or be with. That’s the space that I value. And to my mind, Pongo provides that same space for the youth it serves, which is why it’s such an essential, uplifting, and powerful program.”

Presented by the Poetry Foundation. The program will be streamed live on YouTube, with donations to Pongo strongly encouraged. There is also a special 30-minute virtual reception with Q&A and Ross Gay held just prior to the larger program, from 6:30 - 7:00 PM PDT. 




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