Michael Shermer

The publisher of Skeptic Magazine, a columnist for Scientific American, and the author of many books, Michael Shermer takes the big view in his new book, Giving the Devil His Due: Refections of a Scientific Humanist (Cambridge University Press).

“Michael Shermer is our most fearless explorer of alternative, crackpot, and dangerous ideas, and at the same time one of our most powerful voices for science, sanity, and humane values. In this engrossing collection, Shermer shows why these missions are consistent: it's the searchlight of reason that best exposes errors and evil.” -  Steven Pinker. 

"Michael Shermer is a fearless defender of free speech, open inquiry, and freedom of thought and conscience, including - and especially - for those with whom he disagrees. Giving the Devil His Due is one of the strongest bulwarks against the tyranny of censorship that I have read.” - Nadine Strossen.

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ISBN: 9781108489782
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Published: Cambridge University Press - April 9th, 2020

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