The Bones of St. Pierre (Paperback)

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As the world heads toward war, who can save France's greatest treasures? On a rainy night in New York City, Mason Wright receives a surprise visit from his old flame, Collette Moulie. Despite his misgivings, he agrees to help her and her father in a risky, and probably illegal plan to save the art treasures of France from a possible Nazi invasion. Mason immediately finds himself caught up in a world of fine art, stolen paintings, master forgeries...and the men who will stop at nothing to acquire them. Traveling to France, Mason realizes that he has suddenly become one of the most wanted men in all of Europe. Putting his life in the hands of a man he barely knows, Mason traverses the catacombs and streets of Paris, pursued by black marketeers and German spies. Mason learns early on that there is no one he can trust. Can he find his way out of France before the Blitzkrieg begins?

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ISBN: 9780999462331
ISBN-10: 0999462334
Publisher: Can't Put It Down Books
Publication Date: August 13th, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English