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Located in the heart of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, The Elliott Bay Book Company is a full service bookstore, home to over 150,000 titles, set on cedar shelves in a multi-level, inviting unique atmosphere.

We offer one of the region's best selection of new books, as well as a large collection of bargain editions. Elliott Bay presents an unparalleled schedule of author readings and events throughout the year.

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The Elliott Bay Book Company is an independently owned bookstore founded by Walter Carr in 1973, at 109 Main Street. Over the next three and half decades, the bookstore shifted and expanded within the Globe Building adding event space for author readings as well as Seattle’s first bookstore café.

In 2010, Elliott Bay relocated to 1521 10th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near downtown Seattle. We brought with us the unique selection of books, original cedar shelves and the same knowledgeable staff, to ensure the same unique and welcoming atmosphere. The reading events as well as the café have remained a vital part of our business.

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Part of the daily life of Elliott Bay for over four decades, our author reading series now hosts more than 500 author readings a year. While we have had the pleasure of hosting some of the world’s preeminent writers, from its inception, our reading series has sought to feature diverse, lesser known, new, famous, infamous and sometimes controversial writers. Cohosting events with other community partners has been fundamental to the series and helped to put writers and readers together throughout the Seattle area to ensure that new, interesting and diverse voices continue to be published and translated. A monthly list of our readings, with information on the month's authors and books, dates, times, and admission information, is always available at the store and on our website.

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Four times a year we publish the Elliott Bay Booknotes, which include newly published titles that are hand selected and reviewed by the staff. This publication is available in print and on our website. And our Staff Recommendation Display is filled with suggestions from booksellers who want to share their discoveries. Four times a month we host book group discussions and most Saturday mornings you will find children settled in eager for story time.

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Daily, we provide a space for our customers to browse, read, eat, drink and discover new and favorite writers. An independent bookstore in the best sense of the term (meaning we're truly interdependent with our community and with you, our customers), we pride ourselves on being a knowledgeable staff of booksellers who do our best to locate just the books you are seeking. We offer special order services, book group presentations, a fine selection of books on tape, signed first editions, magazines and journals, cards and more.

More than anything, we are sustained by the support, curiosity, and enthusiasm for reading that you, our readers, constantly demonstrate to us. For that we are more than grateful. Please join us soon—whether it's a quick dash in for a particular book you already have in mind, or several pleasurable, mind-meandering hours of browsing.