Hot Mess- Romance Subscription


Rom Coms are a staple in the film industry and have started to become more popular and mainstream in the literary world as well. Getting lost in someone else’s romance, fantasizing about the perfect partner, and feeling a little heat are a few reasons why this genre has exploded. Friends to lovers, love at first sight, forbidden love, secret millionaire, second chances, and soul mates are some popular tropes that make these books fun, sometimes relatable, and always a good read. 

Each box will include:

- a romance book

Price: $130.00

Panels Graphic Novel Subscription

SKU: 23

The best graphic novels are not only great reads, they're works of art. They push the boundaries of storytelling beyond the confines of a panel or page to be larger than life. With this subscription box, we want to showcase the most unique, beautiful, riotous selections from our graphica! As a subscriber, you'll receive a bookseller-curated title every other month with a bonus title included in the final box. 

Price: $150.00

Magnifying Glass True Crime Subscription

SKU: 22

When it comes to classic detective stories, a magnifying glass often played a pivotal role. It allowed the investigator to take a closer look at the crime scene and to discover what wasn't detectable to the naked eye. Forensics have advanced since then, but the best investigative true crime functions similarly to a magnifying glass. It examines both the crime itself and the capacity in which it was committed, it exposes the biases that shelter killers, and it reveals the truth. These are the titles we wish to elevate.

Price: $150.00

Maiden Voyage First Edition Program

SKU: 5

Established in September 2002, our Maiden Voyage Program has been bringing undiscovered first-edition authors to avid readers and collectors throughout the year. Joining the program means that we will send you, a friend or family member, a hardcover first edition of an author's debut novel, six times a year. This is the perfect gift for bibliophiles, introducing them to the best emerging new authors, while building a library of fine first editions from first time novelists. Our Maiden Voyage Program is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

Price: $150.00